The Courses


Green Sporting Clays Course

The first course is designed as a short, 720 m ‘walk around’ course with 10 stations and 20 automatic machines. Each station has a unique presentation of clays simulating high flying geese or settling ducks, flushing partridge, rising pheasants as well as the very popular rabbit. It takes approximately two hours to complete this course.

Blue Sporting Clays Course

On the second course, you can walk or, better yet, drive a golf cart through this exciting course of 14 stations and 56 automatic machines. This course is 1.9km long and takes approximately two hours to complete. You will experience more varied terrain and clays “presentations” that will challenge even the most experienced shooters. With long loopers, fast crossers as well as many other bird flight shots, this course will be “a must” for all seasoned shooters.

On Nov 1st each year, the Blue course is reconfigured and becomes the Winter Blue course. The change of seasons brings new presentations and shooting stands. It’s also brought closer to the main buildings for a shorter walk and shares some stations with the Green course. There are 14 stations, each with two to four target machines and is designed with the option to stop at the clubhouse to warm up at around halfway if needed.

Duck Pond

“The Duck Pond” is perched over a small pond near the main clubhouse. Consisting of five shooting stands on three different levels, with five automatic machines ranging in speed, angle and distancing creating a new challenge from every location. It was designed with all the types of “duck shots” possible; incomers, crossers, settling, and rising ducks. The Duck Pond can be shot individually or with up to five shooters taking turns. No reservations are necessary, the Duck Pond operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. The rules of use are posted, club etiquette and safety apply.

Skeet Field / International Wobble Trap

The skeet field is laid out for any shotgun enthusiasts to enjoy, and especially skeet competitors to practice. This layout is tucked within the east side of the green course, it can be enjoyed by one to five people moving along the semi-circle station arrangement, aiming at targets from the low “house” or the high “house”. No reservations are necessary, it operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and is open year-round. The rules of use are posted, club etiquette and safety apply.

In 2019, we added an International wobble trap to the skeet field. It is designed to be a practice range for International Olympic trap shooting competitors. Even though it’s only one machine, it gives all the angles and speeds of the 15 machines that are used in Olympic trap.

Silver Willow Sporting Clays Courses – Summer

Silver Willow Sporting Clays Courses – Winter