– Canada’s Premier Shotgun Sports Facility –

Silver Willow
Sporting Club

We are grateful to remain open for business, despite the pandemic. Read more about how Alberta Government mandates affect operations at Silver Willow.

Silver Willow Sporting Club

Canada’s Premier Shotgun Sports Facility

Our mission is to create a unique outdoor shotgun shooting experience for members, families, guests, and private events within a safe, exciting, social setting.

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Family Owned and Operated
– Since 1988 –

Serving the Shotgun Shooting Community for 33 Years


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Shot Show Specials

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Competitive Shoots

Silver Willow annually hosts a number of competitive, registered shoots in cooperation with CNSCA and the NSCA.

In addition to competitive registered shoots, we also offer competitive fun shoots, like the Two-Man Team shoot, one of the best-loved events of the year.