Frequently Asked Questions

– Your Questions Answered Here –

1. Do I need to be a member at Silver Willow?

Answer: No, you don’t need to be a member. Non-members can still access Silver Willow as a member’s guest, by booking an instructor, or a private event.

It pays to be a member! Members can easily book shoot times online (without a guide), as well as enjoy discounted pricing on carts, shells, and clays. You are welcome to check the benefits of becoming a member and submit an application while openings are still available.

2. What is a PAL license?

Answer: PAL stands for Possession and Acquisition License issued by the Federal Government and is required to own or purchase a firearm or ammunition in Canada. This license replaced the old FAC. Successful completion of a one-day Canadian Firearms Safety Course is required to apply for a PAL license.

3. Where can you take the course to get your PAL license?

Answer: Silver Willow offers a Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) every month for both restricted and non-restricted firearms. This is a one-day course and includes an instructional handbook. To register or for more information please call 403-700-2844 or email silverwillowcfsc@gmail.com.

4. Can I rent a shotgun at Silver Willow?

Answer: Yes, a variety of quality shotguns are available for rent by shooters holding a valid PAL license. Renting a gun is a good way to “test drive” a model or brand of gun you are interested in buying.

5. What types of guns are used or available at Silver Willow?

Answer: Only shotguns are allowed on the premises. People use a variety of shotguns – pump, semi-automatic, as well as over / under shotguns in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and 410 gauge. Barrel must be 26″ or longer – exceptions for youth and female shooters who require a small model shotgun. Tactical shotguns are prohibited.

6. Does Silver Willow sell shotguns?

Answer: Yes, we are dealers for Browning, Winchester, and Zoli. We sell both new and used shotguns. See our online shotgun catalog or contact us to inquire about used guns.

7. Can I try a shotgun at Silver Willow before I purchase it?

Answer: Yes, if you bring your PAL, we have a selection of different shotguns available to try before you buy.

8. Can I buy shotgun shells at Silver Willow?

Answer: Yes, as long as you have a valid PAL. We sell in individual shell boxes of 25, in Winchester, Federal, Remington, and Challenger as well as in case lots.

9. Can I bring my own shotgun?

Answer: Yes, however you need to have a valid PAL license, and the barrel length must be 26 inches or greater.

10. Can I bring my own shotgun shells?

Answer: Yes, the shot size should not be larger than 7.5 and no more than 1 and 1/8th oz load. This is called a “target load” shell.

11. What is the liability waiver about?

Answer: All activity on the Silver Willow grounds is at your own risk; you must be aware that live ammunition is being fired on the grounds. The liability waiver is a required process for each person who enters the property. Each person MUST sign. A parent or legal guardian must sign for minors (youth waiver can be found here).

12. What is the alcohol policy at Silver Willow?

Answer: We have chosen not to be a licensed facility and there is ZERO tolerance for drinking and shooting.

Consumption of alcohol is ONLY permitted at the club when the following three conditions have been met:

All firearms and ammunition are securely stored away and inaccessible to those consuming alcohol.

A fully catered meal is provided.

A liquor permit is in place – a liquor permit can be purchased at any liquor store or online; our address is 30133 Range Road 20 Mountain View County. Please bring your permit on the day of the event so it can be posted. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refrigeration space for alcohol, please bring your own coolers and ice. Alcohol consumption is ONLY permitted in the lodge or the cookhouse (whichever is on the liquor license).

We do not sell alcohol on our premises.

13. Can someone who has never shot a shotgun try this sport?

Answer: Yes, we recommend that an experienced shooter goes with you the first time or a hired guide/ instructor. Shooting the new super LOW recoil shells is recommended for first-timers as well as the shorter course.

14. How much recoil (kick back) is there from a shotgun?

Answer: Depends on which shells you use. There are heavy target loads, light target loads and the new low recoil shells. The low recoil loads have approximately 50% less recoil and less noise than regular loads. Don’t bring your grandpa’s old Duck or Goose hunting shells that kick like a horse!!

15. What can I expect from a booked instruction/private lesson?

Answer: The instructor will teach you about gun safety, the best posture, swing stance, and the best way to hold the gun. Eye dominance and general gun fit are also covered. Shooting tips for success and suggestions to help improve your understanding and ultimately your scores!!

16. Can I bring guests?

Answer: Yes, as a member, you can bring up to 4 guests. Please note, guests are subject to a day fee of $10 for liability and insurance purposes. Your children and spouse DO NOT require a Guest Day Fee. Additionally, you can upgrade your membership to bring unlimited guests (no Guest Day Fees) – see our Members page for details.

17. Can I bring a junior shooter (under 18 years of age) out that is not my child?

Answer: Yes, however, you will need to fill out our child waiver form prior to shooting. They will also be subject to the Guest Day Fee of $10.

18. What is the EZPull system?

Answer: Silver Willow uses a wireless target release system called “EZPull”. The system will throw single targets, report targets and true pair targets. EZPull can also be programmed to delay the target launch release when you are shooting alone. The system is activated by a Silver Willow Clay Card which Shooters are given when they purchase either 50 or 100 targets.