Silver Willow Safety Rules

– Course Rules –

Silver Willow is a shotgun only course!

Any violation of these safety rules may result in the immediate removal of the violator and their entire party from the property.

Gun safety is everyone’s responsibility!

All shotguns must be unloaded and action open at all times.

  • The only time the shotgun may be loaded is when the shotgun is through the opening in the shooting stand and the shooter is ready to shoot.
  • No more than 2 shells in the gun at any time.
  • The shotgun must be unloaded and the action open before the shotgun is withdrawn from the shooting stand opening.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until ready to shoot.
  • Break-action shotguns may be closed while in gun racks, gun cases or in carts, but must be unloaded.
  • All other shotguns in gun racks, gun cases or in carts must be unloaded and the action will remain open.

Hearing protection and eye protection are mandatory for anyone on the course. A hat is recommended.

  • Free, disposable ear-plugs are available at the clubhouse, ear muffs/defenders are available to purchase.
  • Prescription glasses or sunglasses provide adequate eye protection.
  • Safety glasses are available for purchase.

Any person under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants is prohibited from handling firearms, ammunition, or being on the course.

Alcohol is only permitted at the facility when:

  • A fully catered meal is provided, and
  • A valid liquor license is in place, and
  • All firearms and ammunition are securely stored away and inaccessible to those consuming alcohol, and
  • All alcohol consumption takes place within the booked venue.

Immediately obey all range commands given by staff and marshals.

  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct or any behavior which may adversely impact the safety of any individual or the range may result in the immediate removal of the offender and their entire party from the property.
  • Come into the clubhouse during electrical storms.

All shooters and visitors must sign a “waiver of liability” before going onto the course.

  • All activity on the Silver Willow grounds is at YOUR own risk. All shooters and visitors must sign a liability waiver acknowledging that live ammunition is being fired on the grounds and you are assuming full responsibility in the event of any accident, loss or injury.
  • A minor must have their parent or legal guardian sign their liability waiver. In the event that a parent or legal guardian is not accompanying the minor to the club then a “Waiver and Release” form signed by a parent or legal guardian must be provided by the minor at the time of arrival at the club. Click here for the form.
  • Shooters under the age of 18 years must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult who possesses a valid PAL license, and must be no more than an arms’ length away from that adult at all times.

At least one person per group must have a valid PAL license and adhere to and abide by the Firearms Act (Canada), its regulations and the Criminal Code of Canada.

  • Shooters without a valid PAL/POL must be supervised at all times by a PAL/POL holder. These can be a member, club guide or instructor.

All shotguns must have a barrel that is 26” or longer.

  • Exceptions for youth and female shooters who require a very small youth model shotgun.
  • Tactical shotguns are expressly prohibited.

Only target shot shells are permitted to be used on the courses.

  • Shot sizes allowed are 7.5, 8 or 9. May not exceed 1 1/8 oz. loads, 2 ¾ length shells.

Course etiquette

  • Please respect other shooters by standing well back and not talking loudly while they engage targets.
  • Be aware of the shooting order and be ready when it is your turn.
  • Pick up empty hulls and place them in the bucket before leaving the stand.
  • Return the EZPull controller to the holder.

Pet policy

  • All dogs must be well mannered and on a leash at all times.
  • Dogs are not permitted near the clubhouse or inside the buildings.
  • Please pick up their deposits and dispose of in the garbage barrels