Importation of Firearms

– Canadian Regulations –

Bringing a shotgun or rifle into Canada on a temporary basis is neither complicated nor onerous. There are essentially two ways to import a non-restricted firearm into Canada. The following is a brief overview:

1 There is a one-time process that requires the importer to complete (but not sign) a form prior to arriving at the border. This allows the importer to temporarily import one or more firearms for a period of up to 60 days for a fee of $25. The form 5589 will work for as many as three firearms. If you wish to import four or more firearms, the form 5590 is required in addition to the 5589.
2 The second process requires the importer to obtain a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) that will allow the importer to import non-restricted firearms into Canada for a five-year period. The cost of the PAL is $60. Despite not requiring a form, all firearms must nevertheless be declared at the border.


For more information and links to the required forms, go to the RCMP’s webpage on Importing and Exporting Firearms