SP Eye Dominace


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The SP is a discreet innovation fitted to the barrel of your gun that will revolutionise your shooting.

The SP is a simple profile that maintains a constant stimulant (shape) for your eye – it works in your peripheral vision and not as a sight but as a trigger effectively guiding which eye is used to help you position the gun.

Its sole function is to gain the attention of the eye over the rib in your peripheral vision during the setup and with the barrels will give you a strong reference to the correct barrels – ultimately leading to better more consistent shooting.

The SP is visible to one eye only (e.g. Right eye for right-handed shooters) creating a visual reference in your peripheral vision for the correct barrels, you will go on to develop the shot with this information naturally. This will allow you to shoot with 100% focus on the clay- keeping both eyes open throughout the shot.

The lead picture will be from the eye over the rib, giving you consistency and confidence on every shot.

The SP starts to work as soon as you begin your set up engaging the eye without your knowledge- your only job is to ensure the SP is in your peripheral vision during the setup. As you call PULL the SP will have done its work and you can shoot naturally without distraction.

SP view shootsp

The SP is the only aid that allows you to shoot with both eyes open and controls your eyes in a gun up or down position. Squinting isn’t the solution! Science has shown that dominance in your eyes can swap and can continue to alter. This is why many misses occur.

The SP works best when always in view during the ready position often out of view once mounted, the SP is helping the brain to establish the correct image to use, with both eyes open there are always two images even if you aren’t always aware. Once the gun is mounted, you can trust that the lead is from the eye on the gun – so if your technique is sound, you’ll have the best possible shot.

Try this simple test to see if the SP can help you…

Point at an object in the near distance and focus hard on it. Do you see two fingers in your peripheral vision (the parallax effect)? If so, the SP can help your shooting. If you only see one finger, close each eye in turn. When the finger jumps from the object, the eye you’ve closed is the dominant eye (but only for this test – this may change on a static gun or for a moving target). If this is the eye opposite to the side on which you shoulder the gun, you have cross-dominance. The SP will help ensure the eye over the rib is building the shot picture irrelevant of the which eye is stronger or more dominant.